Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be a politician. I wanted to give the big speeches and change the world. I had a plan that started at the local level and worked my way up to Governor. It all seemed so clear, I could see exactly what I had to do and how I had to do it. It was a dream that I knew I would make come true. I was on track and doing well until I realized that I was chasing the wrong dream. For too long, I thought that changing direction was the same as giving up. It was a mistake and there were warning signs along the way. Here’s what I missed that you might want to look for:


Not every step to our goals is fun and exciting. Sometimes it’s head down grinding work, but it should never be boring. If you’re bored you should take a step back and make sure you’re still chasing the right dream. In the beginning, I reveled in committee meetings. I loved shaping policy and lived for the give and take. I noticed along the way, however, that it seemed more like a job than a passion because I was bored with it. The reason I was bored was because I had outgrown my dream. boredom might be a warning sign, so it’s useful to watch out for.

Lack of Focus

I have never hidden the fact that I have adult ADD. Focusing isn’t something that I’m always awesome at, but it was a clear warning sign to me that I couldn’t give politics the same level of focus that I have given it before. Instead of keeping razor sharp focus on my goal and my plan, I would let my mind wander. I would procrastinate. These were behaviors that I was unaccustomed to. If you can’t focus on your goal and its plan, it might be because it’s the wrong goal. It’s worthwhile to stop and take measure and make sure you’re still chasing the right dream.

It Stops Being Fun

This is a major warning sign that I ignored. I have written before that chasing fun is useless, but I got serious and it still wasn’t fun. It had become a chore. When this happens, it’s a pretty clear sign that something isn’t right. On the path to achieving every goal, there will be moments when it’s not fun, but if it never gets fun, you’re chasing the wrong dream. There are a lot of experts that claim that success is like climbing a ladder. I do not disagree, but if the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall, the climb is useless. I recently resigned my seat on city council because my ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. It was a difficult decision, but since I’ve moved on my boredom has ceased, my focus has returned and I’m having more fun. The signs are pointing me in the right direction.  ]]>

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