Right now, I’m kind of struggling. Oh, I know, I’m not supposed to tell you that. I am supposed to cultivate and curate the image of the person that has it all together in order to come across as credible with the advice I give. I could do that, but I would rather be honest with you tell you the truth. I’m struggling. You see, like everyone I know, I have a lot that I want to get done. That doesn’t make me unusual, but the fact that I’m stalled in my progress makes me frustrated. My frustration lies in the fact that most of the things that I need to do require the help and support of people who also have a lot that they want to get done and our priories aren’t the same. All I want to do is to act, but at the moment I have to wait. Up until this morning, this was causing me a lot of stress until I discovered something that I am finding to be a universal truth.

Planning is a poor substitute for action unless planning is the only action you can take.

While I thought about all of the things that I want to accomplish I noticed that there were a couple of steps that I had missed, which led to a couple of things that I could do. Doing those things led to the discovery that I didn’t have all of my action plans exactly as I would have liked. Now, ordinarily, I am a big advocate of just getting started. That planning, as valuable as it can be, is also a tool of procrastination, and that action can overcome a lot of shortcomings. Action is a priority because that’s how things get done. Until you can’t act. This morning, as I revisited my action plans, I noticed that not only was I getting more clear on what I want, but my stress and anxiety were wilting away as well. It seemed that my mind needed to be doing SOMETHING, and if actually acting wasn’t an option, planning became the next action. I began to feel better almost instantly. There are times when all of us need other people to accomplish our goals. It’s important to keep in mind that those other people have goals of their own. While I am a strong advocate of helping other people get what they want in order to find win/win solutions, it’s not always possible. In these situations we can choose to be frustrated with our lack of progress, and I have been guilty of doing this more times that I can count, or we can take the next action, even that’s only to plan. It’s true that planning is a poor substitute for action unless planning is the next action we can take. Keeping this in mind is how I’m overcoming my struggle. I hope it works as well for you.]]>