On Monday, I wrote a post in honor of FFA Week about the moments that turn our lives around. Having these moments are one thing, but using the power of these distinctive moments for real change requires us to understand the emotions behind them. Here are the four emotions that lead to real, life long change:


There are two kinds of pride; stubborn pride that holds us back and the pride that comes from being proud of an achievement. The first is useless, but the second can be a game changer. Taking pride in something we worked really hard for is a great way to take a moment that turns our life around, and make it count.


In Monday’s post, I wrote about my disgust moment when Mr. Brown told me that I had the talent, but lacked the maturity. That was a moment that turned my life around because of the guilt that came from knowing that he was right. If I hadn’t had that moment in the field that day, I might never have become so obsesses with developing a professional presence. Disgust can be powerful if we use that moment to determine how we want to never feel again.


I know very few people aware enough to know when they are experiencing pure joy, but I saw it last week on the face of my five-year-old. She was terrified of her bicycle until she finally learned to ride. Watching her glide up the sidewalk, the look on her face could only be described as pure joy. It was also a moment that turned her young life around. That joy on her bicycle inspired a new level of confidence in her own ability. It’s only been a week and she’s a different kid. That’s the power of joy to turn your life around.


Ask any new parent about the changes they make in their life when their bundle of joy arrives, they will tell you about the incredible power that love for another person can have on shifting your life. Parents sell cars they love because they love their children more. They give up nights out because they love moments at home with their kids. They give up fancy vacations because love calls for college savings. Love is the most powerful emotion there is for leveraging the moments that turn our life around. People will often do for others what they refuse to do for themselves because of love. That’s where the power comes from. We all have the moments that turn our lives around, but knowing and leveraging the emotions that those moments bring, is a great way to turn those moments into real change. Feel the pride, the disgust, the joy and the love and use those moments to change your life forever. ]]>

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