Like everyone else in the United States, there’s a high level of anxiety and stress in the Fisher house these days and that’s making it hard to reach those goals I have on my list. In particular, it’s really hard to hit my fitness goal when I’m living in a house with so much food, and with such an urge to binge eat in response to the stress we’re all under. So far I’m proud to announce that I’ve avoided The Quarantine 15 but hacking my mindset.

No one likes to eat less and no one likes eating healthy food. (At least no one that I know.) I’ve tried every diet under the sun that allows one to eat meat. I have seen results with every diet that I’ve ever tried but all of those results only lasted as long as my a willingness to follow them. Usually, all it took was a stall in progress, a stressful event or someone’s birthday to throw me off. It’s been different this time for the silliest reason.

It’s All About Performance

My “mindset hack” is that I’ve stopped eating for fat loss. I’ve stopped eating to lose weight. I’ve stopped eating to lose anything and started eating for performance. I’ve stopped dieting and started fueling. That’s it. Silly and simple. Why has it worked this time when all of the other strategies have failed? This “mindset” aligns with what I care about. Being healthy sounds cool but I’ve never really felt the effects of being ill. Looking great sounds awesome but I have people who love me regardless. Not being productive? Feeling stuck and in a haze? I know all about that and I HATE THAT FEELING. I’m eating to do my job and to feel great doing it and the funny thing is I’m seeing results everywhere. My waistline is smaller, the scale has a nicer number, my health markers are better and I’m more productive than I’ve been in a while.

On Friday I’m going to outline the high-performance diet that has improved my focus, my motivation, and my output. It’s simple and effective which means it’s a lot like me. Because I know there are a lot of folks who are adding unnecessary inches with their belts right now, I’m going to be rude enough to suggest we stop trying to lose weight and eat for performance instead. I feel better, look better and I’m getting more done, but hey, maybe I’m just special.

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