Without question, every time I have felt frustrated by my situation in life it has come down to an inability to be the leader of my life. I have looked at circumstances and wanted things to be different but could not or would not step up and lead myself to a better situation. I wanted everything to somehow magically change for me. If anything is going to change, however,  I have learned that I must step up and lead myself. Here the three basic principles of self-leadership:

Set A Vision

It has become a cliche to quote the biblical phrase that without vision, people perish, but it gets repeated for its truth. Leading ourselves requires that we set a compelling vision for ourselves, our life and our future. This means getting crystal clear on what it is that we want. Too many of us have no idea. We show up to work in order to live, but we have no vision of what it is that we’re working for. Setting a vision will give us something to plan for, something to strive to. It gives us a target to hit because, without it, we’re not aiming for anything. 

Pursue With Courage

The scariest moments in life are often when we set out to chase something we see for ourselves. This is scary because often times, we’re the only ones who see it. Like Columbus attempting to circumnavigate the globe (without oppressing indigenous people), we must pursue our vision with courage. We must feel the fear and go forth anyway. Self-leadership requires courage because once we set a vision we will want to back out. Our friends will call us crazy and it will get uncomfortable. In these moments, our courage will be the only thing keeping us from giving in. We must set a vision, but we must also pursue it with courage.


There is a time to plan and a time to work that plan. Leadership of ourselves requires that we know the difference and be great at both. Simply put, we must get results for ourselves and the only way to do that is to execute. This means we must put in the work. We must focus our energies and our efforts and act when the time comes. Too many people believe that if they simply set a vision that the universe will magically provide it. The truth as put by Gary Vaynerchuk is that “the law of attraction only works when you do.” There will always be people who talk about getting it done, but people who lead themselves execute and get results.  Nothing in our world will change until we do. That is an absolute fact. If we’re going to see change in our lives, we’re going to have to lead it. When we set a vision, pursue it with courage and execute, we become the leaders of our own lives and when we do, everything will change for us. ]]>