One of my favorite lessons in my Language of Leadership seminar is when we break down communication and behavioral styles. If you’ve seen me do it, you know that I fully own being a Peacock! I am, by nature, not good with details, more than a little disorganized, and I thrive on being with people. Add all of this up, and being quarantined with three kids could be a recipe for disaster!

But it hasn’t been. Why not? Because behind every successful Peacock are systems and strategies that force them to plan, organize, and execute. Without them, we’re lost. 

That’s where this post comes from. As I scroll through my social media channels, I see a mixed bag of how people are handling our current situation. Some are thriving, some are holding their own, and some are really struggling. The pattern that I’ve noticed from those having the toughest time right now, though, are parents trying to juggling working from home and supporting the distance learning with their kids. As someone in the thick of it, I can admit that the struggle is real. If you’re having a hard time right now, this post is for you. 

As I said in my video on this subject, I’m no parenting expert and I don’t pretend to be. I’m just a guy who has to have a system in place to keep me from binging on Netflix and ice cream. Because that’s my nature, the first thing I did when I got grounded home with my kids was to establish order and set a schedule. I wrote a post on it in the very beginning. 40 days later, how we lookin’? I have to admit, we’re doing pretty well. 

In that post, I had included our family schedule. It still looks exactly like this: 

Here’s why it works. By establishing some order and some discipline for the kids, I give myself time to work, create, and get stuff done. Because everyone knows what’s expected of them and when we’re working together to stay on top of our priorities and holding one another accountable. 

I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of days when I don’t want to follow the schedule. I want to nap. I want to watch television and I don’t want to work. The fact that I have three sets of little eyes on me at the moment keeps me going. I’m holding them to a higher standard and they’re doing the same for me. 

Which brings me to my point. I’m not writing this to brag about how great my kids are or how great I am at raising them. I struggle harder than anyone. I’m writing this to say, if you’re finding it hard managing being a remote worker, a teacher, a parent, and a therapist all within the confines of one home, you have to establish a system. Your system will determine your success. I’m not in any way advocating that you copy mine, I’m simply suggesting that you make one today. 

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