When I wrote my strategic plan for 2015, one of my big goals was to read two books per month. I thought that this was an ambitious goal and one that would keep me challenged.

Because I thought this would be a difficult task, one of my action steps was to replace my morning tv time with reading time. Little did I know the difference this would make!
In the month of January I read 12 books. Twelve! So far in February, I’ve slowed down considerably and have only read seven but that’s still way ahead of my goal.
All of this because I didn’t turn on my tv in the morning?  Not exactly, but this one small step started the ball rolling. Shortly after I set my goal, I found a group on coach.me for reading a book a week. This seemed really ambitious so I joined. After I did it the first time, I was hooked and this has really pushed me.
Because I wanted keep this pace, I downloaded a great book called Speed Reading For Idiots. I’m far from a speed reader but this book has helped me develop strategies the get the most out of my reading time.
When I saw what using my morning hours could for me, set a goal for reading a book a week and found a speed reading guide, I got addicted! Now I only watch TV on my DVR and on my schedule. Usually Friday nights after everyone else is asleep. I don’t miss it through the week at all. There isn’t much that I really care to watch.
The challenge will be next weekend however, when House of Cards comes back on Netflix. We’ll see how much reading I get done after that drops!