Since the gyms are closed, I’ve been getting my workout done in my barn every day with the tools that I have; my body, a couple of kettlebells and a pair of 30 lb dumbbells. Today, while I was swinging my 70 lb kettlebell, it occurred to me that swinging that thing sucks! Doing pushups to failure sucks! Moving in general sucks! I really don’t enjoy working out and it’s a struggle to get myself to do it. Why? because being fat, needing medication and not being able to play with my kids also sucks, but to me, they suck more. 

I bring this up today because it reminds me of the situation we’re currently going through. Quarantine sucks. Not being able to eat in a restaurant sucks. My kids not going back to school sucks. All of those things are terrible, but getting sick, infecting my family or becoming a burden to people whom I care about sucks more. All of our options at this point are terrible and we’re allowed to admit that it sucks. 


I hate the word but. It really negates all of the important things we say before we get there, and today, it’s necessary conjunction. It’s necessary because it is totally acceptable to admit that what we’re experiencing sucks but it’s not acceptable to let it beat us down. I can admit that swinging my kettlebell sucks. That doesn’t push the weight off the floor or improve my health. I can hate pushups but that doesn’t make them any easier to do. Just like hating this quarantine is natural and admitting that social distancing sucks just seems logical. That doesn’t make it any easier to endure.  

On Friday I dropped A Quick Lesson In Empathy. It’s a quick video from Brene Brown that I use in m leadership training. The entire idea of the post came from a meme that reminded me that while we’re all in the same boat, we’re not all in the same storm. I stand by that post. I am empathetic that this seems easier for some of us than it does to others. I understand some people are weathering a lot more right now others. I also understand that it sucks for all of us. 

The only way I get through my workout every day is by embracing the suck. I don’t ignore that it’s hard. I don’t ignore the fact that I don’t want to do it and I don’t find some fake motivation to get me through it. I fully accept that it’s not going to be pleasant. That I’m going to sweat and hurt and want it to be over every minute that kettlebell is in my hands. I just embrace the fact that it won’t be fun but this too shall pass and when it’s over I’ll thank myself for enduring it. That lesson is the same for our quarantine. This too shall pass and when it’s over, we’ll thank ourselves for enduring it. 

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