I have forever loved Google Calendar. The way I’m able to share my calendar across devices and with other people has made it my goto app for keeping a schedule. But it just got better. Google recently updates it’s calendar application with a new goals feature that I’m in love with. Enter a task that you see as a goal (reading, working out), enter how many days you want to do it, and if you prefer mornings or afternoons and it will analyze your schedule, and schedule a time. It’s awesome! I work within blocks of time anyway. Every major function of my life is scheduled in blocks on my calendar along with big empty spaces for life to happen in. That’s what makes this new update so cool. It’s my goal to spend an hour each day reading. When I enter this in my calendar it takes all of the thinking out of scheduling it. If the time doesn’t work, I can just move it. I’ve said before, if you’re not using Google Calendar, you’re missing out. Now I’m even more convinced]]>