Like most of America, I’ve found myself with more time on my hands than I’ve had in long while these last four weeks. This has led to more social media scrolling than I’m proud of and I have seen every kind of reaction imaginable for the situation we’re dealing with. Last night, however, I stumbled across a meme that really spoke to me.

Reading these words reminded me that empathy is work in progress and that I still have work to do.
It has been very easy for me to say on video and write on this blog that we need to be using this time effectively. My mental state hasn’t been affected by the decimation of our economy. I don’t live in constant fear of getting sick. I’ve been blessed and I acknowledge that. Empathy, though, calls us to feel with people and when it comes to that I have to admit, I’ve been lacking.
That’s why I’m writing this post and I’m including a video that I use in my leadership training from Brene Brown. If you take the time to watch this very cool animated short, you will understand that now really is the time for empathy and while many of our friends are in that dark space. They need us to climb down, eliminate the judgment and listen.

Please watch the video and tell me if it’s not something we can all do better.

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