Have you ever been ripped off? Have you paid for something and didn’t get any value for your investment? if you’ve lived longer than a year on this planet I’m sure it’s happened. Sometimes it’s a mistake and other times it’s deliberate, but we have all had those experiences when someone chose to take profit before they offered value and chances are good, we never gave them the opportunity again. If it’s happened to you, it’s happened to them too. This is why I truly believe that those of us in the persuasion profession MUST focus on providing value before we think about collecting a profit. This might mean trials of our products, it might mean free educational sessions, or it could mean simply working for free, but if we establish value first, profit will follow. A couple of years ago, my parents bought our family a set of very expensive livestock scales as a Christmas gift. It was great to have them in our barn…until they stopped working. We tried to call the people that sold it with no luck. We attempted to contact the manufacturer with no luck. It looked as if we were getting ripped off. No one was happy. Because we needed the scales to work, out of desperation, I called a local vendor after seeing one of their trucks in the drive through at McDonald’s of all places. The guy I called came right over, looked at our scales and spent two hours restarting and re-calibrating them and when he was done, they worked…for now. I was over the moon with excitement. I was willing to pay him whatever he wanted for his time that day. You can imagine my surprise when he told me there was no charge. he worked for two hours on a hot day for nothing. Talk about demonstrating value. While he fixed our scales, he gave me a price on a new set and let me know that although he had fixed what we had, for now, they were eventually going to break again. When that happens, who do you think I am going to buy my next set from? There’s no question as to who will get my business: The gentleman that focused on value before profit. It was a brilliant marketing strategy because he’s thinking long term. Eventually, he will win. In keeping with lesson this taught me, let me make an offer to you. I want to coach you. I want to help you stand out and get noticed. I want to guide you to a breakthrough with your communication skills, your image, and goals. Let me demonstrate my value. For the next month, text any time (my number is 419.235.5028) and I will help you with whatever you are struggling with for free. Want to shoot a video? Cool! Let me help. Working on a big goal and need a fresh set of eyes? My attention is yours. Want you millennial son or daughter out of your basement so you need them to nail their next interview? I’m one short text away. Let me demonstrate my value and I promise you, you won’t feel ripped off.]]>